Tips to Choose an On-line Parenting Class

There are many different parenting sources from which parents can benefit.

On-line parenting class

is one..  What is the benefit of joining an

on-line parenting classes?

As in other aspects of life, making the right choice is crucial. Here are some hints on what to look out for when choosing an

on-line parenting class.

What to look out for:

A.   Certificate of completion

In some countries, the courts require the party seeking custody to produce proof that they have attended a parenting course. If you need such a certificate, make sure that the class that you choose offers you this opportunity and that the courts in your district will accept the certificate from the course organizers.

The Guarantee of the Class

You need to be clear about any “money-back guarantee” policy.

Fees for Classes

These can be anything from US$50upwards. The cheapest is not always the best. Study the curriculum and ask about refunds (mode and time needed) if you want to stop midway.

Customer Support

Check if the class offers customer support. Check if there is any FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that could answer most of your questions. You can also contact the people to learn how long it takes to get answers.

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