How to Breast-feed Down Syndrome Babies?

Downs syndrome babies need special care. Parents with disabled children need to understand there are special methods to feed them, clean them and take care of them. In this article, we discuss breastfeeding
Downs Syndrome babies : These babies need the nourishment of mother’s milk and the special mother/child bonding more than other babies. It might be difficult for the parents to build a healthy relationship with children who have Downs Syndrome. But, with the right techniques and equipment parents can easily manage and enjoy their baby.
First, you need an electric breast pump, nursing pillow and regular pillow to breastfeed your baby. After you have all the requirements, you can start feeding your baby by following the tips which are mentioned below.

  • As soon as your baby is born, try to nurse. You may face many difficulties at the beginning, whether or not you knew that your baby had Down’s Syndrome. You need to focus as early as possible and try to do your best to give him/her health and comfort.
  • You need to provide colostrum and breast milk as much as possible for your baby.

Downs Syndrome babies are susceptible to infection. Breast milk helps strengthen and develop your baby’s immune system. You need to be patient. It could take a few weeks for baby to learn how to nurse. In the meanwhile, you can use a breast pump (electric or manual) to pump your breast milk, store in sterilized bottles and freeze until required for us. Use the extracted milk to feed your baby with a bottle.

  • When nursing your baby, try to spend some time by being close physically. This physical contact will give your baby extra stimulation and foster deeper bonding between mother and baby..
  • Try to nurse your baby to provide him stimulation when even he/she sleeps.
  • Carry your baby in front in a sling or carrier to ensure more stimulation.
  • Try to get some support. You can join some parenting class or groups. In this way, you can get to know about some experts and some more experienced parents

It may sound difficult to take care of Downs Syndrome babies  And, it could cause a lot of stress. Never give and be patient. Take care of yourself and enjoy being parent.

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  1. I have son 20 with Downsyndrome will colostrum powder help his health

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