Baby Bath Tubs

If you are expecting a new baby, it’s an exciting time with so many things that you need to prepare.

A Baby bath tub is just one of them.

Baby’s Bath tub should be durable and made of material that is non toxic. A tub is exactly that_ not a pail or other receptacle used just because it is at hand.  The tub should be at least one-half as long as a new-born baby. This will enable you to immerse baby’s torso and legs in warm sudsy water while supporting his/her shoulders and head with one arm. One example is a Puj tub for your baby. .Bathing baby while standing at the sink helps avoid pressure on your back

One of the good things about Puj tubs is that you can bathe baby in any standard bathroom sink. Puj tubs as baby bath tubs offer convenience as they are light and can be hung to dry, saving on storage space.

The tubs come in different sizes for newborns and older babies too..

Apart from Puj tubs, do you have a choice of baby bath tubs in the market? Absolutely! There are many styles and types of tubs to suit every wallet. You can get traditional plastic tubs or invest in the latest which has different features like water hose to remove the water from the tub.

Shopping for baby bath tubs is as much fun as shopping for baby’s new clothes.

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