Disciplining Children Without Yelling

Everybody knows that raising a child is a very difficult task. For this reason, there is no need to say it over and over again.

Disciplining children

Discipline is a very important part of raising kids. There are so many ways to discipline a child. In this article, we talk about how to discipline children without yelling.

  • First, you need to decide what you want to teach your child. Teaching is one of the most important parts of disciplining. Find out what you want your kid to learn, such as skills, values, etc.
  • Act according to his/her age. Every child is different, even in the same family. It is highly possible to see some brothers and sisters who are completely different from each other. So, you need to choose the way which works for each child.
  • Create a discipline plan, which could be helpful for you. Write all the unacceptable situations on a paper and set up some consequences for each situation. For example, if your child forgets to take out the trash, don’t let him watch TV for a week.
  • Discuss the plan with your child if he/she is old enough to give an opinion. Learn what he/she thinks about it, and tell your child why you came up with these rules and consequences.
  • Just like you give some consequences for bad behaviors, you also need to give awards for some good behaviors.
  • Continue on with your battles. Don’t let every single thing bring you down. For example, if you hate when his/her room is a mess, don’t yell to make him/her to clean it, just close the door and don’t look at it.
  • If he/she deserves any punishment or award, talk about it clearly. Explain what he/she has done and why he/she is getting consequences or an award.
  • Be flexible with your plan. When your child grows up, there will be many changes in his/her life. For this reason, you also need to change the ways that you discipline your child.
  • Your plan should be unique. If you have more than one child, you need to create a different plan for each child. Each plan has to reflect his/her personality, behaviors, etc.
  • Don’t torture yourself when you make a mistake. You are just a human being, and everybody makes mistakes. After you make a mistake, try to learn what you have done wrong and don’t repeat that mistake again.
  • Always respect your child. After all, he/she is a human and deserves some respect. Even when you are disciplining your child, he/she needs to know that you respect him/her.

So many parents think that they need to yell at their children. They think that yelling is a necessary part of disciplining children. Well, it doesn’t need to be. You can easily discipline your kid without yelling.

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