Child Window Safety

When you don’t have a baby, your home seems very safe to you. But once you have a baby you suddenly see all the danger. You then start thinking about the safety of your child.
Child window safety is one of these issues that you need to think about. Windows bring so many dangers for children. An open window could result in the child falling through it, and it is especially dangerous if you are not living on the ground floor. Open windows are one of the most common causes of children’s deaths.
A child’s bedroom is one of the most important places to provide a safe area for children considering that they spend most of their time in their room. Especially if your child’s bed is close to the window and the windows are low enough for a child to reach, it should be your top priority.

The way you use the window could provide more safety for your children. Many newer windows have the option to be opened from the top of the window unlike older ones. With these windows, the open area will be too far for your children to reach. If you have regular windows which are opened from one of the sides, then you can get window locks to keep them closed. Just make sure that you put the lock up high enough that your child cannot reach it.

You can also provide safety to your child by placing the furniture away from the windows. If you keep them exactly in front of the windows, you make it easy for your child to reach the window.

You can also have fences on the outside of the window to keep your child safe. That way you can have your windows open whenever you want. If you have a fence, there will be no possibility of your child  falling down, and you will not have to worry about him/her all the time.
Child window safety is a very important issue when you are responsible for a child. It should be one of a parents’ top concerns.

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