Newborn Babies Keep Learning Even When They Are Sleeping

Everybody knows that babies learn quickly. But did you know that newborn babies learn even while they are sleeping?

According to newly published research, the fast learning newborns keep learning even when they are sleeping. Their brains keep working and processing, according to scientists.

Scientists believe that babies’ brains adapt to the physical appearances which show up in their environment. There were some tests which are applied on one and then the next day, and the babies showed that their learning process works like a sponge and absorbs the information from everything around them. This learning process never stops.

The research was conducted with 26 sleeping newborn babies by the University of Florida. Researchers played a tune when the infants were sleeping. It was followed by an air puff to their lids. After 20 minutes, 24 of the babies learned to expect the puff by shutting their eyes.

Dana Byrd, a psychologist, said that they found a different form of learning in newborns that does not exist in adults.

Scientists say, “They are better at learning than we know.” Newborns’ sleeping is quite different from older children. Their sleeps is more active and the rates of their heart beating and breathing are quite different and changeable.

If you want to learn more about this research, you can go through the journal proceedings, which was published by National Academy of Sciences.

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