Tips to Handle School Anxiety in Children

Entering into a new environment can be scary for everyone. It is especially the same for the children when they start school. They may feel anxious at the thought of starting a new school. In this article, we give you some tips to handle children who develop school anxiety.

  • First, you need to determine the reasons of the anxiety. The best way to find out is to directly ask your child. Ask him/her what he/she feels and when he/she started feeling it. Try to learn if he/she could tell you anything about why he/she does not want to go to school.
  • Think about his/her personal life at home. There might be some reasons that cause anxiety. For example, children who have divorced parents might feel it because of the stress at home. And, when they start school, they might feel it more often.
  • You also need to think about his/her academic life to deal with school anxiety in children. Is he/she struggling with academics and studying? If your child spends three hours a night on homework after being in school for six hours, it takes up too much time in their daily routine for any fun or relaxing activities.
  • Talk to his/her teachers. There might be some situations at school that could cause stress, like bullying.
  • If you can find out a specific reason that causes anxiety, you need to take some prevention to decrease the stress. In order to do so, you can talk to teachers and try to reduce the amount of the homework. You need to stop others from bullying him, if it is the reason. You also need to reduce the stress at home if there is.
  • You also need to make the teachers involved. Before the year starts, call the school and take your child to school to see the classroom and meet the teachers if it is possible. If it is not possible, you can ask the teacher to visit you at home.
  • Your child’s lifestyle also plays an important role in their emotions. Make sure that he/she has a balanced life, eats healthy, exercises, and sleeps enough.
  • You can also find some activities to reduce the stress. In this way, your child’s mind would be busy with something such as art.

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