How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Being pregnant as a teen could impede a young girl’s educational, emotional and economic conditions. Having a baby at a very early age could prevent her from going to college or even finishing high school. In this article, we talk about preventing teenage pregnancy, a serious issue in society today. Education still remains the most important tools in preventing teenage pregnancy.

If the students learn about sex at school, they will not only understand the concept of sex, but they also learn about the results and consequences. Many schools discuss safe sex and contraception, where others do not.

If the teens decide to have sex, they have to prevent teenage pregnancy by using birth control methods such as condoms or other kinds of contraception. Considering that some teens might feel embarrassed to buy them from a store or they might not be able to afford it, some programs that hand out condoms for free would be their best options.

Media programs

Television programs, other forms of media, and some public services that make announcements could be other way of advertising about the prevention of teen pregnancy. For example, some anti-teen pregnancy programs could help to reduce the screening of sex in movies, videos or even in commercials.


also have a huge role in their teens’ lives and preventing teenage pregnancy. When the parents are educated about pre-marital sex, their children would be more informed. In fact, parents can have the key role in their children’s activities. One of the best things that parents can do is to talk about sex honestly with their children. This conversation opens up the dialogue where teens can go to their parents if they have any questions that need to be answered.

Parents are integral in being involved in their teenager’s life.  Having discussions about sex and its consequences can be the first line of defense in preventing teenage pregnancy in society.

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