There is not always a definite way to understand a child’s violent behavior, but there are several factors to consider.

There are studies being done on the subject, and these studies show that there are risk factors that indicate the potential for these behaviors.

Causes of Violent Child Behavior

Of the many studies about violent child behavior, most of the findings come from a combination of factors such as biology, personality, social and economic status. According to experts, there are numerous reasons that can cause violent behaviors in children. These reasons include but are not limited to:

Emotional problems

Social conflict


Economic factors and as well as effects of the use of drugs and/or alcohol by parents or guardians.


Risk Factors

According to the research that is made by Social Development Research Groups, there are some factors that highlight the increasing risk of these behaviors.

Being a victim of abuse (be it emotional, verbal, physical or sexual).

Heredity has a very important role. (Being the child of a parent who was abused often results in abusive behaviors, and later passing it on to their children).

Brain damage from birth or injury (accidental or intentional)

Lack of discipline at an early age, being allowed to do as they please, without fear of being punished or disciplined.

Allowing them to view violent television, movies or video games, often results in violent behaviors as well. Children do learn what they live.

Signs of Violent Behaviors

When a child misbehaves, it’s natural, they’re testing the waters, but it is up to the child’s parents/guardians to set rules, and consequences for bad or inappropriate behaviors. It is also the degree of misbehaving, and there are warning signs or “red flags” that go up, and they should be paid attention to. Sadly, too many times, the signs are ignored or missed.

Change in attitude, appetite, how they treat other people or animals is a sign, school work/grades going down, frequent tardiness or truancy can be signs. Negative talk, about dying, suicide, any kind of violence that is sudden and never noticed before.

How to Prevent?

The first that should be done is to reduce the risk factors. Most of these could be prevented by teaching the children how to express their feelings. One of the greatest ways is to decrease the exposure to violent behaviors at home, media and the society. Maybe consult a child psychologist/psychiatrist, and even a support group could help. Have them go to a group made up of their peers, it is sometimes easier for a child to talk to someone their own age, maybe slightly older who has gone through or is going through something similar to show the child that he/she is not alone.

Violent child behavior

This could lead to more serious problems in later years if is not prevented at the right time.

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