Three perfect assistances for dealing with teenagers

Some might say that the terrible twos is one of the hardest stages of childhood that a parent has to deal with, but tell that to the parent of teenagers, and you’re bound to meet the opposition.

All children from infancy to young adult hood need guidance. They need to know that what they’re doing is good, and right. They will not tell you they need guidance, but they do need it. It’s the parent’s responsibility to teach them right from wrong and what to expect when they’ve done wrong.

Here are some examples of what results in bad behaviors in teenagers.

1. Overly strict parents; this often causes the teen to rebel and get involved with un-desirable people, and experiment with drugs, alcohol and sexual activity.

2. Absent parents: this more than likely results in the behaviors mentioned above, for the main fact that if the parent is not around for whatever reasons, there’s no guidance, and the teen feels, “hey, if they don’t care what I’m doing, why should I ?”.

3. Verbally abusive parents: If a teen gets yelled at for anything and everything thing, this results in bad behaviors, because it makes them feel useless, and feel that no matter what they do, they’ll get screamed at, so why bother trying to do anything good, they don’t appreciate it or me, so why bother? Yelling at your teen doesn’t do anything but destroy their self worth or esteem, and sends them on a path of destruction.

There must be balance. Set rules and stick to them. Any differences or waiving of the consequences only confuses them. There must be consistency.  Tell them that they must follow the house rules, or there’ll be consequences.  Also tell them, that you don’t expect them to go through life without making mistakes, we’re all human, it’s bound to happen, and though you maybe disappointed in the choices they make or the mistakes they make, you will not be ashamed of them.

Parents who make themselves available to listen to their teenagers, are the successful ones. When a teenager learns they can take their problems to their parents without fear of a shouting match, then only good can come of it, and therefore build on the bond they already share.


Always keep the lines of communication open, whether it’s verbal, over the phone or via email or social media like face book, keep the lines open. Modern technology is a wonderful thing, if used the right way. Make sure that cell phone use is monitored, let them know that improper usage, will result in loss of privileges.

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