Virtual Baby Games

Whether you are a new parent, or just caring for someone else’s child, child care can be challenging and even scary. Even when it seems things are going good as far as the care aspect (feeding, changing or clothing) seems, it can be especially challenging when trying to find ways to entertain the child/baby.

These games help you interact with the child via games from the internet or even a game system with games geared for babies and young children. They don’t even have to read yet, a lot of these games are interactive and involve the use of controls either a steering wheel that gives them the fun of driving through a race course or a road, others involve a makeshift bike that the child can pedal. Some even involve painting or drawing on the screen to make their own pictures, or coloring those already there.

The kids think they’re in total control, and they are.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of these games on the market today, all of them are rated according to age. Some are gender oriented too, boys’ games would probably have lots of activities involving building things, or heavy vehicles, like tractors, bulldozers etc., or even legos, stuff that boys are generally interested in.

Girls on the other hand, like dress up type games, tea parties, and games that would have princesses, most girls like playing house too, so games in which they could role play, and be the mommy would usually interest them.

Disney interactive games are good as well, they have them involving all the classic Disney movie characters, and they tell the story, plus have games where the child can match things or sequence, whatever the activity, it only adds up to great fun for the child, and the child at heart.

To find these games… well, that can be done either on line, in your hometown video or game store should have virtual baby games. Perhaps even the video rental boxes that are now (Redbox & Blockbuster) may have them.

Buy them on line will probably be the best route to take since there are many avenues in which to find them.

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