Tips for disciplining teenagers

Teenagers can be a complicated group of people to deal with at times. They like to push their parent’s buttons to see just how far they can get away with things, and how much they can get away with.

It is up to the parents to set rules or guidelines for behaviors, and the consequences they face if rules are broken. It is also important to enforce these rules and never falter, for it confuses the teenager, and causes them to become unruly and difficult because they don’t know what’s what. If they’re allowed to do something, that they are not normally allowed to do, it should be followed with instructions…for example, I’m letting you do this one time, and only because….(and give reason). It will not happen again.

Even though parents often do this for their child, it is not a good thing to let happen. Once you bend the rules a bit, even with conditions…there’s a good chance your teen will convince you to bend them again. Giving them the edge, and you’ve lost the edge, and most likely will NOT get it back.

One mistake a lot of parents make is trying to be friends with their teens. This is not a good thing, you must be their parents, they NEED their parents. They most likely will not admit that they need you, but they do. They have friends, and their friends are their own age. Parents must not try to be friends with their teens, disastrous things are bound to happen. If parents are their teens friends, what happens is, most, if not all respect is lost. The teens will gain the upper hand, and there’ll be no guidance, the teen will likely try things like alcohol, drugs, this can also lead to teenage girls being promiscuous, and therefore become pregnant.  So parents need to be parents during this time in their child’s life. If some parents can manage to be good parents, and set and enforce rules and still be a friend to their child, then good, but most of the time, this just doesn’t work. It’s hard to be a friend and the parent at the same time.

Young adult children

When the child turns 18, it’s not necessary to kick them out of the nest, however, they must learn that just because they are considered adults in the eyes of the law, they must obey your house laws.  If they choose to live under your roof, you must make it clear that all the rules they had to abide by when they were young children and adolescents, still apply. It is also ok to charge them rent. This will teach them how to be responsible adults when they do move out of your home.

Checking up

Consistently checking up on them lets them know you care about their well being, and they won’t be tempted to be sneaky fearing you’ll be watching.

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