Teenage problems and tips to deal with them

Out of all the stages of childhood, it is wise to say that the teenage years are probably the most difficult. Not only on the parents, but also the teen. After all, they’re graduating from infancy, toddlerhood, adolescent, and approaching adulthood. Many things about teens can be the culprit of the most difficult times in their lives. One of them, is hormones, whether it be testosterone, or estrogen, these hormones put these young people through a rollercoaster of emotions.

They are discovering the changes in their bodies, changes in attitudes or thoughts about the opposite sex, rebelliousness against their parents, experiment with drugs, alcohol & sex.  These years can be somewhat confusing for the parents as well, they want to loosen the reins a bit, giving their children a bit more freedom, but in this crazy world we’re living in, it is difficult to know when is the right time. When is the right age that they can legally allow their child to stay home alone, and for how long, meanwhile, their child often feels confined, or feels like maybe their parent doesn’t trust them.

Parents just have to listen to their child, maybe hold a family meeting, and let them air their concerns, and let them speak out honestly, without fear that they will be repremanded. If the teen feels that they can have their say, and they know that their parent will remain calm, and open minded, they are more than likely to listen to their parents, and even come to them with a problem, and know that they can get the guidance they need, and will be less likely to go elsewhere for it.

In this day and age, cell phones are a double edged sword. One, they are a wonderful thing to have, so parents can have contact with our child, and know where he/she is, in case of an emergency, and also they can have contact with their parents as well, in case they get into difficult situations, or just need to let their parents know of their whereabouts if maybe they won’t be home when they are required to be.  Two, the bad aspect about cell phones is all the features on them, they are basically mini, handheld computers these days. You can access the internet on them, so teenagers, are quickly addicted to them, they feel the need to constantly be texting someone, it becomes a a nuisance, because they will be on it 24/7 if given a free rein.

Parents also have the option of getting their child a “pay as you go phone”, it limit’s the time on it, and you can keep track of the money spent on minutes, and there’s no fees for overages, and no contracts. When the teen finds a job, and earns his or her own money, then they can be responsible for their phone, and they quickly learn how fast money gets spent, and will be careful with their own.


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