How to Handle Troubled Children

Troubled children often exhibit behaviors that are unacceptable in most situations. They may be aggressive, unruly, disrespectful to their parents & others, may break rules set for them.

Whatever the behaviors they exhibit, it can be a very trying time for the parents or others who have to deal with these behaviors.
Troubled Children
A lot of the time, these children are basically calling for attention. The type of attention however, depends on the behavior. For example;

A. If they are aggressive, they may be allowed to play violent video games made for more mature viewers, or allowed to watch violent movies or TV. shows. Children also learn what they live, so if they grow up in a violent household, chances are great that they too will become violent, and the violence needs to be taken out of their lives or them taken out of a violent situation.

B. Unruliness and disrespectfulness deserves altogether different intervention. Maybe they are calling for attention from parents or caretakers. They may be left to fend for themselves at too early an age.

In this case, there needs to be a parent or responsible adult present at crucial times, and quality time spent with the child.

C. The child is not given guidelines or a routine to follow. Maybe they are not given chores to do, this can lead to them being hard to manage. Children need to have rules to live by, otherwise they will go through life thinking they can do what they want, when they want, with out the fear of consequences.

Parents who have trouble dealing with troubled children, should know that there’s always help if they need it. Contacting law enforcement agencies will guide them where to look, or even Child welfare services will give them an idea of where to turn. Even a guidance councilor can be a help in these types of situations.

Whatever the situation, there is always a place to get help. Another way is to find a support group, whether on line or in person. These are great because it shows the parent that they’re not alone.


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