Do Overprotective Parents Help or Harm Their Children?

Overprotective parents always feel the need to protect their children from harm, pain, bad experiences, failure, hurt feelings, disappointment or unhappiness.

When you first read it in that way, it sounds great. How about looking a little bit closer? Let’s see what experiences you might prevent your children from having while you are trying to save them from harm.

It is often very difficult for these parents to admit the fears they feel for their children such as “Don’t fall,” “Watch out,” or “Be careful” just to name a few .

Overprotective parents usually show their fear while they are doing it, and they create anxious and fear-filled children.

A new name has been used to describe these overprotective parents: Helicopter Parents! These parents surround their children and rarely allow them to be free or go out of their reach.

Journey of Independence

From the time that they are born, children start a journey toward independence. This could be the reason why parents hold on to their children.

In fact, these parents create many difficult situations for their children, as fear becomes a part of their emotions and their way of thinking.

This type of parenting is ineffective and prevents children from developing values such as self esteem and confidence.

Instead of helping them to improve themselves and their skills, it sends them the message that they cannot be trusted and that they are not able to handle even simple situations.

If you are now realizing that you are an overprotective parent, try to get some help from an expert.

Encourage Your Children

You need to encourage them to climb, jump, explore their environment, and try new activities. Children need their parents to help them discover themselves physically and emotionally so that they can become confident, assertive, and independent adults in the future.

Let It Go

Let your children fall and hurt themselves. Let them make some mistakes, and give them a chance to correct these mistakes.

When you allow them to grow in freedom, you will see them grow in confidence as well.

We understand that you, as overprotective parents, do these things to protect your child because you love them. Remember, even for protection there has to be some limits. You are not going to be able to protect them forever.

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