Baby Development During Pregnancy

If you think that your baby’s development and growth only takes place after he is born, you better think again. All of these processes start during pregnancy.

During the first eight weeks of pregnancy, the baby is called an embryo. Until birth, it is called a fetus. The great changes will happen when your baby becomes a fully developed baby. Let’s take a look at each trimester.

First Trimester : In this period, your baby will show great changes as a fetus. Your baby will grow from a group of cells into a fetus that is the size of a softball. During this period, his organs will develop, and he will begin to look more like a baby. This growing process will continue until the delivery.

Second Trimester: This period starts in the 14th week. During this period, your baby will weigh less than two pounds, and he will be only four inches long.

Third Trimester: This period start in the 27th week. At the beginning of this period, your baby will weigh 1-1/2 pounds His length will grow to around 9 inches. After the birth, your baby will be around 7-1/2 pounds and 21 inches.

Babies’ Size and Weight:
Generally, these measurements show differences from one baby to another. However, the average weight will be between 7 and 7-1/2 pounds..

Ultrasound is a test that can measure the fetal weight. It also includes the diameter of the baby’s head, and length of the thighbone. Other fetal measurements are also taken during the ultrasound process.

These are the baby development stages that you will see during the pregnancy.

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