Symptoms of Pneumonia in Children

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs and it is generally caused by an infection.

Viruses, fungi and bacteria could be considered possible causes of pneumonia in children.

Getting Pneumonia is generally most dangerous for young children under the age of 6. While sick, oxygen exchange is difficult due to pus and other fluids in lung tissue. One or both of the lungs can be affected by the inflammation.

Symptoms of Pneumonia in Children

According to “Kids Health”, signs of the condition in children are fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing and loss of appetite. Vomiting and pain in chest could also occur. These symptoms are the result of the infection and the reaction of the body to the pathogen. Different people will display different combinations of symptoms. Very few people experience all the symptoms together.

Difficulty in Breathing

Symptoms of Pneumonia in young children can sometimes be hard to identify. It can be difficult for the parents, especially if the child is very young and unable to communicate any problems. Children with breathing difficulties will increase their nostril width to breathe in more easily. They might start breathing faster than they normally do. Some children might even exhibit retractions, which occur when the skin around the neck and between the ribs are pulled tight with the effort to breathe.

Development of Symptoms

Children with Pneumonia caused by bacteria will develop symptoms and fever fairly quickly, says “Kids Health”. The risk of having breathing difficulties could increase too.

The symptoms of the inflammation caused by a virus generally occur more slowly and they are less severe than those caused by bacteria.

This information about the symptoms of Pneumonia in children will help you identify symptoms in your child and take the necessary steps.

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