Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression grips not only elders but school going children also. Children are not free of other social and environmental influences. But children need support to cope with the change affecting them. Sensitive children can all of a sudden mature under certain circumstances while others may withdraw and feel demoralized and depressed.

Anger Management

But anxiety and depression are a part of life. All of us go through it and behave differently in such circumstances. Adults many times fail to act responsibly in such circumstances. Reason is something we tend to lose in emotional situations and we act in ways which make us repentant for the rest of our life so we need to first teach our kids regarding anger management.

Help your children express his/her feelings but see that they don’t react violently. This is a challenging task and bringing up children requires self discipline which most parents themselves don’t practice. You cannot expect your children to behave the way without yourself being a model. Children imitate their parents. Children’s outbursts may be an imitation of their parents’ expression of anger.

Reduce Conflicts

To act responsibly would mean getting into lesser conflicts and therefore fewer tendencies to feel guilty or be critical of others for being victimized. Our children should be taught to avoid conflicts until it is a healthy one like when they play let them be watchdogs themselves over the rule breakers. So let children settle things among themselves and parents should intervene only when it takes a negative turn.


Keep an eye on your kids. See how they behave. They may be sometimes very happy while sad at other times. Find out why they are so. Sadness engulfs them when they feel lonely or unable to go to play due to illnesses or have been scolded badly by one or both the parents or teachers for engaging in allegedly improper behavior.


School going children have a lot of tension related to exams or not having all the equipments required to carry out the tasks and assignments. Children also feel tensed when their parents fights.

In school children have to interact with other children coming from different backgrounds and your children’s food habits and belongings may incur ridicule from the others. This makes children feel insecure. So, parents need to take the responsibility of instilling courage in and providing support to their children in a continuous manner.
When children can’t cope with school environment and home environment children fall into depression. Anxiety robs them of the peace of mind to enjoy all the pleasurable activities they enjoy.

Signs of Anxiety and Depression

Children withdraw by keeping to themselves
They cry at the slightest reproach
They sleep more than usual or don’t sleep less
They don’t maintain hygiene
They refuse to go to school
They lose concentration in studies
They don’t enjoy company of their peers
They cling to their parents and want to stay at home and indoors