Appreciation for Children

Children must be encouraged to appreciate art, music, poems, certain games etc so that they develop into a well rounded personality. Art is the best medium of expression of what children perceive about society and life in general. They try to capture all that they see around and this assures us of children’s ability to learn and communicate.

Appreciation of Nature

Playing in the heart of nature makes children more creative and sensitive towards fellow human beings. The variety that nature offers no school books are enough. So a child should be allowed to play in nature so that he grows up to be environment conscious because he never saw nature at a close range and never developed any appreciation for it just because he was never exposed to it.

Thinking of making the world a better place to love in we have to plan cities in an eco-friendly manner. This will help natural species survive side-by-side with the concrete jungle. Children playing in nature are also likely to develop stronger immunity against illnesses.

Appreciation of nature can be started from the early age of child development. Nature is a part of life and we should not deprive children from enjoying the bounty of nature.

Appreciation of Art

Children can be environment conscious through art. The love for nature can be created through visits to parks and nurseries and nearby villages so that children can capture those scenes in their mind and translate the picture in their mind to picture on the canvas.

Appreciation of Music

Music is a part of life. All children should be exposed to music though they need not become musicians in future. Children can appreciate music if you avoid teaching music in a dry and theoretical manner. Fun with music initiates children into appreciating music. Music opens up the left and the right brain. Music education is all about learning history, art and literature. Children can truly appreciate music if an awareness about sounds are created.

Appreciation of Poems

Poems is a medium of expressing spontaneous feelings. Some children has a natural inclination towards poems while others develop interests when trained into reading and writing poems. Reading poems help children to de-stress. It increases their vocabulary and enhances their learning skills. Encouraging children to learn poems and recite the same increases their ability to remember things better.

Appreciation of Sports

Sports is an essential part in a child’s growing up. Sports activities like tennis, football, swimming, running etc. are very good recreational activities. Children should be encouraged to enjoy sports as it strengthens theirs motor skills and keeps them healthy and alert. So schools should keep space for children’s games and activities and expose children to a variety of sports. Games develop lot of skills in children which help them cope with ups and down of life in future. Sports teach children to withstand pressure, improve team building or co-ordination skills, leadership skills etc.