Baby Dental Care

Baby’s dental care is very important for baby’s oral health and hygiene. Earlier you star better would be your baby’s dental care habits.

Till the age of 2

  • It is advisable that do not brush your baby’s gum and new set of teeth with a toothbrush
  • You can clean baby’s mouth by rubbing baby’s gum with a wet gauze.
  • Do not use fluoride based toothpaste to clean your baby’s teeth as babies gulp down paste and eating fluoride is not good for health
  • See that you rinse his/her mouth after s/he has taken drinking sugary stuffs
  • Do not use much sugar in your baby’s diet. Do not allow baby to go asleep with milk bottle or while drinking from a bottle
  • Dilute your baby’s juice so that less sugar is there in the drink as when sugar concentrates in the mouth it turns into acid and causes tooth decay. Thin juices also help in digestion

Signs of teething

  • During teething baby will experience pain and irritation
  • Baby will drool. May show signs of fever etc.
  • Baby will be restless and have the tendency to bite objects. So give your baby a teething ring to bite and chew but see that the ring is cold. Do not leave the ring too long in the refrigerator as it might get too hard
  • A wet and clean piece of cloth can be given to baby to chew or you may give a carrot or a plum to your baby to chew
  • To sooth your baby you may massage a drop of clove oil on his gums as this would offer the baby some relief. Avoid using gels as these might contain local anesthetic

Till the age of 10

  • After the first two teeth cut in it is time for baby to get into the habit of brushing and flossing. Make brushing a game. Discourage baby to swallow paste. The amount of paste used should be that of match stick top
  • Remember you are the role model for your baby. Teach your baby to fish water into his/her mouth and spit out. Baby will pick up this habit gradually
  • Teach him to make circular movements and you are required to supervise your bay while he brushes his/her teeth till the age of 10
  • Give your baby a soft toothbrush and direct him/her to brush his/her teeth, gums, palate and tongue
  • Teach him to floss so that no solid particles remain stuck in his mouth and case tooth problems. Encourage him to rinse his mouth every time s/he consumes sugared foods. Allow your baby to consume less sugar
  • Encourage your baby to eat healthy snacks and see that your baby’s diet has enough calcium and protein
  • Instruct him/her to brush his or her teeth twice daily
  • Do not forget to take your baby for dental check ups once in every six months
  • Be prepared for accidents as a growing baby is likely to lose his teeth through accidents at home or play