Bathing your Baby

All babies don’t like to be bathed and bathing is a difficult baby is a challenge. Baby should always be kept warm. Do not leave your baby in a damp cold place. Test the temperature of the water. It is best to bathe babies in lukewarm water.

Frequency of Bathing

Newborn babies don’t need to be bathed regularly. Bathing your baby once in every three days is enough. But when the child is more than a month old you can bathe your baby regularly. It is always good to sponge baby’s body with a towel dipped in hot (but not boiling water) water. Dip your wrist and find out the temperature of the water.

Water, Quality and Temperature

Use clean water to bathe your new born because this is the time when your baby should be protected from infection. Take care that water does not enter your baby’s ears. In order to do this avoid bathing your newborn in a tub. Sponge your baby’s body instead.

Dos During Bathing your Baby

  • The tub should be clean and not slippery
  • Use a baby seat if the floor is slippery
  • Keep all the materials ready before you start bathing your baby
  • Wash the face first and then the front, the diaper area, back and finally the head
  • Keep your eyes on your baby
  • Sing or talk to your baby while you bathe him or her
  • Use a clean damp washcloth dipped in warm water to clean your baby until the umbilical cord dries off
  • When the baby is more than a month old you can use mild baby soaps
  • Wipe the outside of baby’s ears with a damp cloth
  • Clean the diaper area, face and neck regularly
  • Apply mild shampoo on the baby’s scalp if a cradle cap is formed
  • Sponge your baby’s body if the baby has undergone circumcision
  • Support your baby’s head while bathing him/her

Donts During Bathing your Baby

  • Do not leave your baby alone on the tub
  • Do not clean the inside of baby’s ears
  • Do not apply powder on your newborn baby’s body
  • While you are bathing your baby, do not receive phone calls or answer the door
  • Do not use soaps while bathing your newborn baby
  • Do not lift your baby along with the baby seat
  • Do not use very cold or very hot water
  • See that soap lather does not enter your baby’s eyes