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Disciplining Children who Have Autism

Choosing the way you are going to discipline your children could be one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever make. The decision […]

Children With Physical Disabilities

Children with physical disabilities include children who suffer various disorders like neuromuscular, pulmonary disorder etc. These children have special needs and need special care. In […]

How to Breast-feed Down Syndrome Babies?

Downs syndrome babies need special care. Parents with disabled children need to understand there are special methods to feed them, clean them and take care […]

10 Tips for Parents of Autistic Children

Parents of autistic children have different difficulties than those of other parents. They have different issues that they could handle it with different tips. And, […]

Parenting A Disabled Child

Being the parent of a disabled child can be very challenging. Having a disabled child implies that parents face different and new responsibilities. Parents will […]

Activities and Exercises for Disabled Children

Physical exercise is indispensable for all of us. We all need some exercises for growth and to keep ourselves in shape. It provides a good […]

Respite Grants for Children with Special Needs

Respite care provides a chance for your family to take a break from the daily and responsibility of parenting a child with special needs. While […]

Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities

Many children have learning disabilities and it is often difficult for children as well as parents to cope. While most learning disabilities will not completely […]

Ways for Kids to Cope with Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome is when there is repetitive and involuntary muscle movement and/or a vocal expression.. Tourette’s is also commonly known as tics. These tics can […]

Parenting A Physically Disabled Child

It is a very difficult task for a parent to raise a disabled child. Mentally and physically, a parent goes through a lot of stress. […]