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during-pregnancy Baby Development During Pregnancy

If you think that your baby’s development and growth only takes place after he is born, you better think again. All of these processes start […]

Children Learning Development

Children are like blank CDs. That’s because they are learning all the time and parents can write anything that they want on those discs. Children […]

Educational Toys for Different Groups of Ages

A child’s development is very important for parents as they want their child to grow and develop at the regular milestones and be able to […]

Ways to Stimulate Infants’ Cognitive Development

Infant cognitive development requires parents to think in the ways that baby thinks. They need to speak in his/her language and need to know his/her […]

Growth Spurts and Their Signs in Babies

Would you like to know what the signs are of growth spurts in babies? Would you like to know when they occur and what to […]

Baby Developmental Milestones

Babies grow up very fast. They learn something new almost every day. In this article, we talk about a baby’s developmental milestones between birth and […]

Developing an Autistic Child’s Skills

Developing a child’s social skills before the age of two can prevent the child from having a lack of skills. Starting to use learning techniques […]

What are the Healthy Foods for Children? – Healthy Food Chart

While children are growing, they are not just growing physically. There are internal processes such as their immune systems that we cannot see. These internal […]

The Preschool Stage

During the ages of 21/2 -5 years of age a child will become more social and be able to perform more physical and mental tasks. […]

Stages of Your Baby’s Development

Your baby grows at an amazing rate. One of the greatest feelings a parent can have is the joy of observing the many stages of […]