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Down Syndrome Babies and Signs of the Syndrome

Down syndrome is also referred to as trisomy 21. It is not preventable, but it is possible to detect before the birth of the baby. […]

Breastfeeding a Premature Baby

A premature baby might be very small , and you may be too scared to hold him or her. But, you still have a chance […]

Foster Parenting

Foster care is a program which is run by the states. It provides care for children who are taken away from their biological home. There […]

What Are the Benefits of Parenting Classes?

Whether you already have a baby or have one on the way, parenting classes are at least worth a try. You can learn so many […]

Chronically Sick Children

Most parents expect their children to be sick on occasion. Illnesses are inconvenient but necessary for growing immune systems to strengthen. An occasional illness is […]

Relaxation Techniques for Children

We are not the only ones who have busy days; children’s days can also be action-packed and exhausting. Early mornings, homework, tests, full school days […]

Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

It may be difficult to know if a child has been abused. Often children who are the victims of abuse are threatened with more abuse […]

How To Build Child’s self Esteem?

The development of self esteem in a child is a difficult task, but it is the responsibility of the parent to develop the feeling of […]

Common Parenting Issues

As parents you may hear stories from other parents who say that their children are perfect angels who never fight, speak out of turn or […]

Fragile X Syndrome – Cure and Treatments

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), which is a part of the National Institute of Health (NIH), is doing research work […]