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hobbies 10 Rules of Raising Teenagers

Everybody knows that parenting is one of the most challenging tasks in life. Times can get especially rocky when you are raising teenagers. This list […]

teen-relationship Teenage Relationships Problems

Teenage relationship problems have many reasons. In order to learn more, keep reading this article. Beginning of Teenage Problems When a teen faces a relationship […]

Facts about Teenage Abortion

According to the research of the Guttmaccher Institute, there were 214,750 abortions among girls who were between the ages of 15 and 19 in 2002. […]

Causes of teenage depression

Teenage depression seems to be on the rise. There are many factors that contribute to this. One of them is high expectations on the parent’s […]

Teenage problems and tips to deal with them

Out of all the stages of childhood, it is wise to say that the teenage years are probably the most difficult. Not only on the […]

Tips for disciplining teenagers

Teenagers can be a complicated group of people to deal with at times. They like to push their parent’s buttons to see just how far […]

Three perfect assistances for dealing with teenagers

Some might say that the terrible twos is one of the hardest stages of childhood that a parent has to deal with, but tell that […]

How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Being pregnant as a teen could impede a young girl’s educational, emotional and economic conditions. Having a baby at a very early age could prevent […]

Parenting Tips for Out-of-Control Teenagers

Do you have a teen who is out of control? Do you have difficulties in dealing with your child? If so, read this article, which […]

Disciplining Teenagers

Parenting babies and toddlers can be hard, but parenting teenagers brings its own set of challenges. Disciplining teenagers can be especially hard. This article gives […]