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What Effect Does Parenting Styles Have On Children at School?

The social and academic life of a child is dramatically influenced by the styles and methods that parents employ at home. In general, the behavior […]

Parents Of Suicide Child

When a child suicides, the whole family is effected by the sudden grief which has to be dealt. The family in itself feels very guilty […]

Parents Reading With Child

Reading to your child has been scientifically proven fact that it helps your child in developing natural reading habits. It is the best way of […]

Parent And Child Contract

With the growing awareness and intelligence of the generation X, parents are finding it difficult to control their children and put them in the right […]

How to Parent a Child With ODD?

We observe in children that they are not very keen on accepting the orders we give them. Children are sometimes very disobedient, all children are […]

Poor parenting and Indiscipline

I am not a parent yet. I do not hope to be one soon. And what cheek have I to do a write-up on parenting […]

Top 10 Father’s day activities for kids

Fathers Day is generally celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. We give you the ideas to make it a memorable occasion for […]

Helicopter Parents: Good or Bad?

Do you pay extreme attention to your child’s problems and experiences?  Do you rush and try to rescue every time your child is in trouble? […]

How Not To Be Pushy Parents?

Kids along with academics are now having packed schedules, thanks to pushy parents. Music classes, sports, swimming lessons are scheduled by parents only to leave […]