Changing Baby Diapers

Changing baby diapers is a cake walk if your baby is a quiet and patient type. But if your baby is a naughty one changing diapers would be a difficult task and if you have to work smartly to change baby diapers.

It is advisable to keep baby free of diapers as long as possible. Yes if you are traveling diaper is a must to make life a bit easier for you and your partners and others as well.


  • To change diapers see that you keep all supplies ready and nearby
  • Lay your baby on his/her back. Tummy up of course because s/he is comfortable that way
  • Talk to him/her to keep him/her distracted while you are busy changing his/her diapers
  • Place a clean diaper on the side of your baby
  • Now un-strap the diaper and gently lift his body by holding his legs together so that you can clean the stools sticking on the bums of your baby with the cleaner part of the diaper
  • Now wipe between the legs and bums with wet cotton balls and wipe with dry ones to pat dry
  • When you clean your baby remember to clean from front to back and not back to front as bacteria may pass from the anus to the vagina if your baby is a girl and if it’s a boy remember to put a clean diaper on his penis lest he may spray on you
  • Now apply some Vaseline or ointment if your baby has developed some rash
  • Now lift the baby and place him/her on the clean diaper with the adhesive side on top so that it should to on the back side of your baby. Now bring the other side of the diaper in front from between the legs and press the straps. The adhesive strap should not touch your baby’s skin
  • If you are using cloth diapers pin it up carefully with safety pins so that those don’t stick on to your baby’s body
  • The level of the strap should be around the navel
  • If you notice a deep mark around your baby’s waist it says that the straps are tight. Next time see that it is not tight. Diapers should snugly fit on to your baby. Baby should be comfortable
  • If baby scratches his/her back and refuses to wear a diaper it means his rashes are irritating him/her. Use an ointment with a zinc oxide base as this has a drying effect
  • Change diapers frequently so that the baby is not left with a wet diaper and stool too long as that would cause rash and infection around legs and bums
  • Nowadays diapers come in various forms. Cloth diapers are believed to environment friendly and good for the baby’s tender skin


  • Babies should not be kept alone because babies can take you by surprise at any time cause they can roll at any time (even a newborn rolls over)