Children and Friendship

Tender kids do not understand what friends are. It takes a child to call someone friends till the age of six. But children need training to develop friendship and which parents need to teach so that children can participate in community and social life in an effective manner.

Encourage children to make friends

Parents need to encourage children to play with others and fix a time for them to play. When children play with other kids at a particular time they develop an affinity for the other kids and look forward to meeting them. Children fight and console other kids in imitation of what they see their parents or guardians doing to them at home.

Sharing is a part of life

Giving and taking is a part of healthy growing up and bonding. This should be taught to children from their early age. Through friendship children learn to adjust accommodate and compromise to live better. Sharing is an essential part of friendship and this is not learnt immediately. As they grow up they start sharing while at the early part of growing up children want to keep things for themselves.

Bonding through support

At some or the other time children need support from their parents to handle problems at school or playground. Parents need to be friends to their children that is they need to patient listeners and observers as there are things which can easily scare away a kid and which needs to be dispelled and when parents instill them with courage and shower love on them, children fall back on their parents to share their problems which help parents understand their kids better.

Understanding their children better allows the kids to become sociable. As children grow up they develop interests in various things. They share their ideas and toys with other kids of their age group. Children need company and they might end up as playmates with elder boys or girls.

Break in friendship

So friendship deepens as they grow or their friends change due to various reasons like change of locality, due to parents’ divorce, death of a parent, etc. So children do remember their childhood friends and do express grief on losing their friends.

Friendship during adolescence

For the adolescents friends are a great support. As the others of their age group experience the same feelings and physical changes they like to spend most of their time with their friends. Some of them become so dependent on their friends that they can’t take any decision without their friends’ support. They don’t develop their own taste or choices. They just copy their friends.

This type of behavior becomes a cause of anxiety to their parents. Yes this can become a problem if they are not provided proper guidance at home or other elders from their neighborhood or teachers.

Teenage friendship

This is time for friendship with opposite sex and same sex as well. This is the time when romantic feelings grow for the other sex or same sex. This is the time when they experience friendship as most fulfilling as they experiment and explore things in groups. At this stage parental intervention is also required in case their children have wrong friends.