Comforters, Soothers and Dummies

There are different opinions regarding use of comforters, soothers and dummies. No doubt there is no better alternative than the mother herself but does the baby really need so much of the mama’s breast? Mama feels comfortable with the baby sucking and possessive mama would think it is wrong to give dear bundle of joy a blob of plastic.

Anyways the baby’s habit will depend on how intelligent the mother is in shaping her kid. In the beginning the hungry baby will feed for longer hours because it is hungry and the more the baby suckles the supply of milk is replenished.

The baby suckles for longer hours for various reasons: the glands may be blocked so there is not enough supply; the baby’s need to be close to the mother; or the baby’s hunger is more than usual.

Growing up in mama’s womb is quite a long phase so initially the baby is likely to stick to mama for longer hours and it is human tendency to get habituated to things that is done for longer period of time. So to distance the baby away from mama’s breast is not an easy task.


Constant suckling makes mother tired and her nipples sore. Baby’s health is affected by mother’s health. So mother needs plenty of rest. To divert baby’s attention from mother dummies are used. But if dummies are provided too early the baby will develop a confusion between mama’s breast and the dummy. The baby will stop feeding and this would cause health problems to the baby.


Comforting objects could be toys or blankets with which babies fiddle. Nowadays comforters are safer than it was earlier. Still babies should not be left alone with comforters. Take care that your baby does not develop dependency over comforters.

Another common comforter is baby’s own hands and fingers. Baby starts sucking its own hands and fingers as this gives a calming effect. Prolonged sucking develops other health problems. So baby needs constant support while growing up.


These are given when it is time for teeth development. Baby enjoys biting and chewing the soothers. The baby should not be left long with soothers as the baby may develop problems with teeth development and speech development.

While sending your baby to sleep if you stroke your baby rythmically baby may develop a dependency so put your baby through various types of experiences so that baby does not develop any dependency towards anything that may lead to health concern in future.

It is quite natural for baby to feed longer until you discipline your baby and here you need to take control of your own feelings. Your habits and dependency can lead to your child getting used to your habits.