Fire Safety for your Children

Children are most attracted by fire. Can you believe that in US, few months back a kid no more than 8 years old set fire to a forest which gutted down the whole forest and burnt the houses in the surrounding areas. He was playing with a match box. The fire spread from dry leaves to trees and the situation was exacerbated heavy wind. Death due to fire is not uncommon but with awareness death by fire can be minimized. Fire injures, burns and scalds children when accidentally brought near fire.

How to provide safety to our children from fire?

  • Keep match boxes away from the reach of children
  • Don’t bring your children near fire if they are wearing garments made of materials that can catch fire easily
  • See that there is no stove within the reach of your children. Children sometimes imitate their parents in lighting the stove
  • See that there is some sort of fire extinguisher at home and just don’t keep it at home see that you know to use it also
  • Prepare your children to face situations. Advise them to run away from the point where they spot fire
  • Tell your children not to go back to the place where they saw fire in order to retrieve their toys, or to find mom and dad.
  • During fire children panic a lot. Some of them may go and hide under the bed or take shelter in a corner so tell them beforehand that you will join them at the meeting point say for instance there is a community hall just opposite to your apartment
  • During fire or in an emergency children can’t trust anyone except their parents. Tell your children not to be scared of firefighters because they are there to help them out when the building has caught fire.


An Incident

: In a fire accident that had occurred 10 years back in a steel city in India in a building due to gas leak, all the people started running helter and skelter. Two kids were playing in a flat where the fire occurred, and they ran in two different directions.

The younger kid ran towards the verandah. The older one ran inside to look for his parents. But when he saw his grandparent in fire he ran out through the main door and left the building. The younger kid started calling his mom who stayed in the ground floor.

The child was intelligent enough to tell his mom that he was on the verandah. Hearing people creaming for help his mother came out and heard her little one directing her towards the verandah.

She stood there below and pacified her child by assuring him that nothing would happen. His father and uncle stood there not knowing what to do. His mother then coaxed him to jump from the verandah. The kid was scared. He said mom I will be hurt . His mom assured him saying that nothing would happen to him as everyone is present.

The child felt assured and climbed on top of the railings and jumped down. His father and uncle stood below to catch him and before he could hit the ground his uncle caught him. This was possible because it was a duplex and was not too high.)

  • Keep your first aid box ready when you have children at home.