Getting Baby to Sleep

Getting baby to sleep is almost like a ritual. Baby may sleep on his/her own sometimes but most of the times parents have to help baby sleep. As sleep is an essential part in our life we should get baby used to go to sleep at a particular time in a particular place so that baby gets into the habit of sleeping regularly on time.

Set a Place

Set a particular place for your baby to sleep regularly so that the baby associates the place with sleeping

Set a Time

Set a time fixed for your baby to sleep. Everyday at that time start preparing the baby to go to bed at that particular time. If this is done regularly baby gets used to go to bed at that time

Set the room

Baby’s room should not be completely dark. Baby’s room should be dimply lit. Baby’s room should have proper temperature. It should not be too cold or hot. Baby’s room should be well-ventilated and not damp. You may use some curtains to darken the room but see that the curtains allow air to pass through

Set the furniture

Baby’s crib should not be too small. It should be creaky. It should be firm and spacious. If the baby sleeps with you on your bed see that there are not too many pillows around and guard your baby against falling from the side. Do not allow baby to sleep with unguarded sides

Dress the baby

Let the baby sleep in loose clothes. Do not stifle the baby with too many clothes

Soothe baby to go to sleep

Sing a lullaby or set a low volume soothing music for the baby to sleep

Place the baby in a comfortable position

  • If baby’s is comfortable lying close to you that is snuggling round your neck let him/her do so until he or she has fallen asleep. Once the baby’s fallen sleep and u are sure when  his hold is loosening on you can shift the baby to his/her crib or to the place meant for him
  • Baby may not fall asleep until you take him/her around. You can take him around in your car or go for a walk by carrying him/her on your arms or shoulder. Once s/he sleeps shift him/her gently to his/her place. It is best if the father takes this responsibility
  • You can put him on a sling or rock him or pat his back in a rhythmic manner so that he goes to sleep
  • Before sending your baby to sleep see that you don’t overfeed him as this might cause discomfort
  • Keep a stuffed toy near him/her as a dummy to make him/her go to sleep with the dummy as babies like to do things together
  • If your baby wakes up at the slightest noise see that there not much noise around or else baby will not sleep easily.