Great Tips on Parenting

Parenting is a responsible job where there has to be a balance between reward and punishment. You should know how to praise, how to criticize, how to comfort, and how to express love. Follow these parenting tips to ensure happy parenting.

The feeling of being a parent can bring great joy, but it is also a tough job. Parents are not always perfect, and all of us have flaws. There is also no “one right way” in which children have to be brought up. There’s no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect child. However, one can always build up a healthy relationship. The following tips will help you build a healthy relationship with your children.

Express your love:

Tell your children everyday that you love them. Always make them feel special. Touch is a very important way to express your affection. So, give lots of hugs and kisses.

Listen to your child:

Listening to your children makes them feel that they’re important and that you are interested in what they have to say.

Comfort them:

Make your children feel safe by comforting them when they’re scared. Reassure them that you will protect them.

Schedule their habits:

Keep schedule of the meals, naps and bedtime. If any changes have to be made in the schedule, mention about it to them ahead of time.

Praise them:

Try and praise your children when they learn something new or when they behave well, by saying that you are proud of them.

Criticize the habit, not them:

When children make mistakes, don’t tell them that they are bad. Instead, explain to them what went wrong.

Keep yourself flexible:

The rules that you make need not be the same as that of other parents. At the same time, understand the fact that – what applies to one child need not be applicable to the other. So, keep your rules flexible.

Spend some quality time with your children. Make sure you give children enough attention when doing other things like reading, walking, playing and cleaning the house. What children crave for is attention. Give them your attention when they need it.