Healthy Sleep Tips

Children need to sleep properly to be healthy and active. Sleep refreshes body and mind. As we grow old our sleep reduces so healthy sleeping habits should be inculcated in our children from the very beginning so that children make it a routine for themselves to sleep well.

Effective sleeping hours

Effective sleeping hours mean the quality of sleep. Not all of us sleep as soon we are in bed. For some, it takes a bit more time to fall asleep. Ideally one should sleep for 7-8 hours a day.

We feel our duty is over once we sent our children is over and many of us know that our children remain awake for quite a long time even after we have sent the children to bed on time.


Sleeping well is a matter of health of mind and body. Children have their own worries and their sleep might be disturbed for various reasons. For example my 5 year old was so worried that night regarding his shoes which had to be exchanged for the right size and that he had to go to school with a pair which might raise so many questions from his classmates and teacher. My husband had mistakenly bought a bigger pair of school shoes for my son.

I had to assure my little one several times by telling him that I would speak to his teacher about it and advised him to tell his friends, if asked, that he would get his right pair soon. I had to explain to him that he has a genuine reason for not being able to wear the right pair that day and that once we get the right size for him he would wear it.

So children have their own thoughts and worries and as parents we need to support and dispel all fears from their minds. If this bit of thing could cause so much worry in my little one’s mind imagine how it would have affected him if something more troublesome had occurred to him.

Tips to sleep better

  • Darken your little one’s room
  • Do not feed him much. See that he has had a light dinner before you send him to bed
  • Set a time to send your child to go to sleep
  • Don’t allow him/her to nap before his daily sleeping time
  • Set a particular place in your home for your child to sleep. The child will start associating with that place to sleep
  • Do not keep music systems or television on when you send your child to sleep
  • Make going to bed a fun activity like do some meditation and teach your child few yoga postures
  • Do not serve coffee to your kid
  • See that your child has brushed his teeth before you send him to bed

Why sleep well?

Your children should sleep well so that they get up on time and get ready to reach school on time. After a good night’s sleep your kid feels refreshed and so much energetic that he can concentrate on his studies better. Better grades reflect your child’s healthy mind. Healthy sleeping habits prevent anxiety and depression.