Home Safety for Children

Danger lies everywhere – at home and outside as well. Home is not a secured place always with the type of inflammable substances found in the kitchen and bathroom. We have to make our home a secured place for our children. Most of the accidents that occur at home are burns. Statistics tell us that fire and poisonous substances at home cause accidents and deaths to children.

Protection from fire

Accidents are caused by fire when children try to play with fire. Children are not aware of the dangers that fire can cause. They try to lit the gas stove on their own as they see their parents doing it regularly. Create a fear regarding fire in your children’s mind. Always warn them of the dangers of fire. This will prevent normal children keep away from gas stove etc.

But naughty children are adventurous type. So you may have to keep the kitchen door locked. Never allow children to play with fire crackers when there is no one to supervise your children. Don’t assume that there is someone around without confirming that some other responsible adult is present there.

Don’t leave your elder child to supervise your younger kid.

Death by water

Children die even in shallow pool. Keep your bathroom doors closed. Children are likely to put many things in their mouth. See that all the cleansing agents are kept out of your children’s reach. Do not keep filled buckets within the reach of children. If you have a pond near your home see that the pond has a fence and that your children don not play near the pond.

If your children are given a bath in a swimming pool in your compound see that none of their toys are left near the pool. Children will be tempted to come back to the pool to collect their toys.

After you have bathed your children pack up everything and don’t allow your children to play around the pool. Water is always a fascination for children as it the water surface serves as a mirror. The moment they see their image on the surface they tend to watch the same closer and the more they bend over to get a clearer and deeper view they may lose their balance and fall in the water.

For newborns any amount of water level is dangerous. For the toddlers 15 cm water level is enough. So let your children play in dry places. Children have a habit of leaning forward to see. So do not leave your children near windows which have no grills. Do not allow your children to play in the balcony which has railings that can be climbed by enthusiastic kids.

Accident by electricity

All the wiring at home should be earthed. See that every switch is connected to a safety fuse so that excess current flow may be checked through the fuse melting due to overheat.

Do not keep a heated iron near your children’ reach. Keep a washing machine away from your children’s reach. Keep the refrigerator locked. Keep mixers, juicers and knives away from your little ones.


Finally observe your children’s activities and listen to what they say. Instruct them not to answer the answer door if they find it is a stranger. Tell them not to give any information when the call is from a stranger. Tell your children to contact a nearby neighbor in case they need help in absence of the parents.