How to Manage Permissive Parenthood?

Permissive parenting can be both rewarding as well as destructive for your children. Too much and too less of freedom might make them go astray. Making them understand both the positive as well as the negative effects of freedom will help them understand their own responsibilities.

This method was popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. It was in reaction to the rein of dictators in the World War. This was done to help children to think for themselves and to avoid inhibiting them. In this kind of parenting, the parents follow a hands-off approach. This allows the children to learn from their own mistakes and be responsible for their actions. Usually any kind of misbehavior is ignored.

Usually children who are brought up in this method are creative and original but they can also be otherwise. Although those raised in this style are creative and original, they usually find it difficult to fit into a community and a workplace easily. Ignoring their misbehavior gives people no proper information about their behavior. The other risk with these children would be that they would not have clear limits; these children often get confused, feel insecure, and make poor choices.

Permissive Parenting Tips

  • Children need to be told about their boundaries. This will help them differentiate between wrong and right. For example, you cannot allow a sixth grader to smoke and drink. There are chances that they will make the wrong decisions.
  • Don’t be worried about the image of a cool mom. It’s your job to be a good parent and not a friend. So know the difference. If you are not strict now, it can be difficult later. Another problem is that if you don’t tell children what is right and what is not then there are chances that they might hate you later for not telling them.
  • The other general problem could be about dating, you cannot allow your child to be dating anyone who is way too big in age. There could be chances of they getting abused in such cases. It’s not only unacceptable for a sixth grader to be dating an 18-year-old; it’s also illegal.
  • Get involved with your child’s life. It is important for you to know what is happening in their life. You need to know things like what are they watching, which website’s are they visiting.