The Need For Shared Parenthood

The best way to keep your children out of the after-effects of divorce is to go for shared parenthood. As the child will get the love of both the parents, he/she will not feel deprived of love or affection.

The actual concept of shared parenting is that after separation or divorce, mother and father of the children should retain a healthy and positive parenting relationship with their children’s life. This would mean that each parent should be able to spend some quality time with children. Some parenting adjustments have to be made to suit some situations so the time spent with the children can be divided in the form of 30/70 or 50/50.

Why Shared Parenting?

It is difficult for a child to choose between parents when they have to choose to live with only one of them after there has been a family breakdown. The set up is such that the children will be disappointed, as one of the parents will become distant and infrequent. However, shared parenting helps the children to bridge the gap caused due to this broken marriage.

Advantages of Shared Parenting

  • It helps the child to grow in a family environment, which creates meaningful and long lasting relationships with both the parents.
  • This helps the child to feel reassured that he/she also has two parents like the rest of the children. Even though the two parents live separately, they have a home with each of them.
  • Shared parenting also makes sure that that the parents share the responsibility of the children equally. This also makes sure that one of the parents doesn’t get over burdened with the whole responsibility of the children.
  • It makes the child feel loved and not let the child feel like just one of the parent is caring and the other is absent or errant.

The children who are brought up through the method of shared parenting work better than children who live with just one of the parents after they have been divorced. According. to research it is believed that the children survive their parents divorce better when they maintain good and positive relationship with both their parents. Even though both parents are not in talking terms shared parenting has helped as it allows the children to keep good relations with both the parents.