How to Manage Your Child's Events & Celebrations?

The birth of a child is an extremely joyous occasion for the entire family. As the child grows events and celebrations mark his progress in life.  When the child utters his first words or stands on his feet, the entire family is delighted at the new found ability of the little one. Many parents try to make the events special and memorable by inviting friends and relatives and share their joy at the exploits of their little child.

The first day when the child leaves home for school is an event that all parents want to cherish forever. It is an occasion when the child leaves the comfort and security of the home for the first time to enter the big world outside.

Importance of first birthday

  • The first birthday of a child is of immense importance for the child’s family.
  • It is generally celebrated in a grand manner.
  • Invitations are sent to the near and dear ones so that they can be part of the special occasion.
  • Gifts and blessings are showered in abundance on the child.
  • Many families consider it auspicious to gift gold and silver to the child to mark this special occasion.
  • The mother of the child thinks it as the perfect occasion to bake a special cake with great care in honor of the little one.
  • The house is tastefully decorated and no efforts are spared to entertain the guests in the best possible manner.

A child’s birthday is the most vital event of the year as far as his family is concerned.  The day is regarded as the most significant day of the year and every holiday both religious and national are next in importance to it. By rejoicing a child’s birthday every year, parents reiterate the delight that the birth of the child has brought into the family. The birthday also signals a child’s physical, psychological, social, and intellectual development from babyhood to adulthood. Birthdays also make available myriad occasions for delightful experience.

Parents can derive immense pleasure by writing down all the wonderful things that took place in a particular year before the birthday of the child is celebrated. Parents can also recollect all the delightful happenings concerning their child a day or two ahead of the child’s birthday, and write them down for future references. Taking snaps of the special events in a child’s life is quite common and is a great source of pleasure for the entire family during the years to come.

Many parents are in the habit of maintaining a dairy to record all the major happenings in a child’s life. At times they ask their child to tell them about a significant development in their life like striking a new friendship with someone or any other incident or event that is worth mentioning.

A large number of families celebrate the occasion when their child is christened. It is considered as an occasion of special significance since it gives the child a distinct identity of his or her own and he or she proclaims his or her place in this big world.