How to Parent Adopted Children?

Adopting a child is considered as an act of great altruism. Childless couples often resort to adoption to fill the vacuum in their lives that results when they fail to have children of their own. Adopted parents are totally in the dark about the past history of their adopted child but it does not deter them from making the child a part of their own family. Adopted parenting is all about love and care and looking after a child who is a total outsider.

There are many dreadful stories and myths associated with adopted children and the foremost among them is that they are usually troubled. However it is completely untrue that adopted children have more troubles in comparison to children obtained by birth. Adopted parenting is more about attachment, affection and faith than about biology. In reality a number of parents who adopt a child may succeed a great deal more in bringing up their child in contrast to parents who have biological children. This is on account of the fact that the adopted parents have made a choice to fill their life with an adopted child which is not at all times the case with biological families. In addition, biological parents may have children for the erroneous grounds. They may have children to carry on the family name or to gratify members of the family.

An adoptive couple must undergo a procedure and be checked to ascertain if they will be decent parents. This can lead to dejection among numerous adoptive parents since their entire life is checked to ascertain if they will be permitted to adopt a child.


  • Adopted parenting is a challenge in itself since parents have to regard the child as their own and treat him or her in the same manner as they would treat their own children.
  • It is important for parents who adopt a child to develop an emotional bonding with the new member of the family.
  • Care should be taken to make the child feel at all stages of his or her life that he or she is an integral part of the family.
  • Never for once should the child be neglected on account of the fact that he or she is not the real child of the parents.

Adopted parenting entails that the child be given adequate attention to make him or understand about his or her importance in the family. Often it has been found that parents go overboard in trying to meet the demands of an adopted child to negate social criticism. However this should not be pursued since a normal healthy relationship is the only thing that parents should emphasise while dealing with their adopted son or daughter.

Both the mother and the father have crucial roles to play in the development of an adopted child. A mother should act in a manner as if the adopted child is her own. The parents should make all possible effort to educate the child in the best possible manner and pay proper attention to his or her health.