How to Parent Twins?

While parenting a single child is a difficult task in itself, parenting twins seems like a “Herculean” task! However, twins can be taken care of efficiently if you plan things out beforehand. Paying equal attention to both might be difficult but is very necessary for a healthy development.

Having twins can be a marvelous experience but they also have their own complications. Twins take birth when a single egg splits or when two eggs fertilize separately.

The Following are Tips on Parenting Twins:

  • Try and contact a twin club or become an active member of it. This will help you interact with other parents with twins.
  • As twins can be identical, to correctly identify them, use wristbands with their names or select different clothing and bedding.
  • It is important to remember that even though they are twins they can behave quite differently. This attitude difference has to be dealt with patiently.
  • Even though it can be painful don’t forget to breast-feed your twins. Also remember that u can’t give one child nutrition and deprive the other of it. Take rounds and do it. The way is to pump some breast milk into a bottle and give it to the other child while you are feeding one.
  • Having twin’s means that you are going to have a hectic time. So always accept help from others. This will help you make some time for yourself.
  • Always try and get a good night’s sleep. Many a time this might not be possible as both don’t sleep at the same time. So when they do, you can get some sleep.
  • Making a routine can help you manage time. For example, fix a certain time in the day for bathing, feeding, sleeping, washing, etc.
  • The time spent with each twin will be different just because of its habits. So don’t blame yourself for it.
  • Fathers are important while raising twins. They should play an active role in sharing the workload.