Parenting Teenager's Problems

Parenting a teenager with too less or too much of restriction might create problems for them in these crucial years. The following tips have been devised with “care” to help both the parent and the child. Read more …

The teenage years are possibly the most complicated years for both parents as well as kids. As with any relationship, the relationship between parents and children are marked by various cycles and phases.While the parents are considered as their heroes by the children during their early years of their life, as a teenager they perceive the role of a parent in a different manner. Hence, it is important for parents to deftly tackle these potentially turbulent years in a child’s life for mutual well-being.

What Parents “Need” to do

  • Parents should try to create an environment to diminish the possibility of problems for their teenage children.
  • Parents often find it difficult to discipline their teenaged children with respect to their actions and deeds. Even if parents find it difficult to control their teenaged children, they can control their own actions in order to effectively interact with their children.
  • It is vital for parents to imbibe in their teenaged children a feeling of responsibility by engaging them in work that will prove beneficial for the family.
  • By involving the teenager in such work on a regular basis, parents will provide them with valuable lessons in effectively tackling with the more tough choices that life will inexorably fling their way.
  • This may be related to taking a decision whether to get addicted to drugs or not, to any other destructive habit that could lead to their ultimate devastation.
  • By constantly interacting with their teenaged children parents can help them to be self sufficient, to shun violence and to be in the company of friends who they think are supportive.
  • Parents have a pivotal role to play in persuading the teen to end unhealthy relationship and help them to decide if indulging in sex during this period would be appropriate for him or her.

A Teenager’s temperament

Teenagers are considered obstinate and many think that they are indifferent to their parents. Many parents make an attempt to converse with them but teenagers more often than not are not willing to talk to them. Parents generally encounter such problems if they have a teenage child. Teenagers are individuals who have not attained adulthood, but are also no longer small children. Hence, it is important for parents to take this into consideration and be more tolerant and sympathetic to their future adults.

  • A teenager actually desires that parents should pay more attention to them though he or she always attempts to conceal it.
  • Instead of simply listening to what the teenage child has to say, it is crucial for parents to devote their complete attention and make an attempt to understand him or her.
  • Teenagers frequently find it hard to put across their thoughts to their parents hence they repeatedly do things which appear to be nonsensical.
  • Parents should pay attention to all those aspects and involve them in a conversation.
  • At times parents will find a teenage child uttering something that is annoying and totally unintelligible but if parents worry about it or condemn the child, the gap between the parents and their teenage child is simply going to get larger.
  • In such a situation it is imperative for parents to keep calm and simply listen to what their teenage child has to say.

Understanding Parenting Issues

  • Understanding the teenager
  • Appreciating the problems of a teen is not always easy.
  • One should at all times make an attempt to try to be sympathetic towards him or her and understand his or her worries.
  • A parent may not comprehend that a teen can be troubled by many things.
  • In addition to paying attention to his or her studies a teenage child has to ponder over his or her future too.
  • A teen has to cope up with relationships with friends or perhaps, has a weakness for some boy or girl at school.
  • Teenagers feel that it is important for their parents to understand that life is tough for them and they don’t want to be disapproved of or even bothered with unnecessary questions while they are at home.
  • However, it doesn’t signify that one shouldn’t refrain from asking the teen anything at all.
  • Parents should see to it that the opinion of the teen is given adequate importance. Every teen wants to prove that he or she is responsible and intelligent enough to make decisions.

Identifying their Needs

A teenager’s requirement for emotional encouragement is quite complicated. Their main concern is to be heard and be appreciated by their parents. A number of teenage children do not give adequate respect to their children. The reason is that they too are not respected by their parents. A teenage child often does not receive proper mental support from his parents forcing him to make self-destructive decisions such as getting hooked to drugs, alcohol or indulging in irresponsible behavior much to the dismay of their parents.