Internet Safety and Protection for Children

Internet provides you with not only a wealth of information but also unhealthy information. We feel children are safe outside and prefer to keep our children at home after school. As internet offers a dynamic space for communication our children gets addicted  to it. Internet also offers a lot of temptation to growing children. Their curiosities lead them to visit various websites. Sometime certain windows pop up with pornographic information.

Use protective software

Wittingly or unwittingly all of us  are led sometime or the other to such sites. Here our concern is for children’s mental health. Certain sites are indeed unpleasant and misleading for children. All that we can do is block those sites or use a software which prevents the unwanted materials spamming our children’s mail boxes.

Talk to your children

Discuss with your children how time wasting and unproductive it is when one visits the wrong site. Warn your children of the dangers in visiting wrong sites and talking to unknown people

Check the sites visited

Keep an eye on the sites your child is visiting. If your child deletes all the sites visited it shows your child is trying to hide something

Be friendly with your children

Your children may hide from you his/her problems fearing that they will be punished. So allow space for your children to confide in you. Children are easily tempted to do many forbidden activities so inform them that it is right to refuse anything which s/he feel is incorrect. Teach them to say NO to things which are harmful for them. Assure them of your support if something goes wrong.

Cut their time on the internet

  • Chatting is an addiction. Encourage them to spend time in a productive manner by spending leisure hours in engaging in community work.
  • Don’t allow your children to spend much time on internet. Allow them to chat only with their friends, classmates and teachers. It is your children and you will be equally hurt as your children would if they commit certain avoidable mistakes. So create consciousness in your children. Help them distinguish between the right and the wrong.
  • As a parent start practicing values as this would help your children imitate you.

Tell them to maintain privacy

Caution them about child predators online. Advise them not to share any information with strangers. Tell them not to post any personal information online.