Learn Baby Massage

Massaging your baby means softly moving the muscles under the skin and little strokes mean to touch your baby gently.


Massage your baby when he is relaxed and calm. Do not massage the baby soon after feeding. Leave a gap of two hrs. The room temperature should be warm.


Put the baby on a comfortable and secure surface. The surface should not be hard and uncomfortable.


Use baby oil or cream to massage your baby’s tender body. Direction Massage starts with head and then goes downwards. With gentle but firm touches work on the head, face, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and legs. Talk to the baby while massaging him/her.


Do not place the baby fixed in one particular situation. Let the baby change position for its own comfort. Technique Pressure to use: Baby needs gentle pressure , the pressure equivalent to that you apply on your eyelids without any discomfort. Use fingertips on small areas. You can use your palms on bigger areas.

Step by Step Massage

Gently touch the forehead; temples and the base of the cranium; eyebrows and eyelids; nose; cheeks; the area around the mouth; ears and surrounding area

Jaws/ Neck

Gently stroke on the jaw area. Massage the posterior part of the neck with slow movements down to the shoulders. Gently massage the baby from the neck to the shoulders in the direction of his chest.

Shoulders and Arms

Gently rub in a circular manner around your baby’s arm. Begin around the armpit and then go down along the arm. The elbow is a very delicate area, be very careful when you arrive there.


Massage the stomach in a circular way. Do not massage on the genitalia area. Legs: Gently massage each leg.


Foot massage is always relaxing. Put gentle pressure on each toe. With mild pressure roll your fingers around the heels.


Place your baby on his/her chest. Make large and slow movements on the back of the legs and in one direction. Give your baby soft strokes on the shoulders and back, massaging with your fingertips with circular movements. Do not massage on the spinal cord area because that is on of the most tender and sensitive parts of the baby’s body. Only put your hands over it and let the baby feel the warm sensation. Make small circular movements on baby’s back.