Maintaining Discipline in Step Families

Maintaining discipline in step families becomes difficult because of the new changes that everyone has to undergo. However, the responsibility of maintaining discipline lies with the parents who have to deal with all the members of the family in a wise manner and build a healthy relationship with every member of the family.

A family is where bonds are created with mutual respect and affection. This is possible only when there is harmony between the parents and their children. However, in step families it is a challenge for the step-parents to discipline their kids. Siblings are extremely sensitive and insecure at this stage but, it is the duty of the couple to make them feel that they are a part of their new home and life.

The tendency to push the boundaries is part of growing up. It is for the step-parents, now parents, to see and guide their children along the way but, in a friendly and slow manner. It is not a personal choice that the children have made so, they will certainly not like the new rules or restrictions of the house.

In many cases, kids become stubborn and defy the parents and in some cases they become too quiet and refuse to communicate at all. This would be a complex situation but, you can prevent it with the help of these tips.

Tips for Step-Parents to Discipline your Children:

  • Stay united and be supportive to your children.
  • Be clear about what you say and do.
  • Be prepared to accept change. Be ready to adjust to the new demands of your children.
  • Be a patient listener.
  • Be understanding.
  • Most importantly, be loving and kind to them.

It is very important to judge whether you are being a good parent or not. Research says that stepmothers find it more difficult to handle step families, whereas stepfathers are fairly good in handling issues be it emotional, financial or the practical needs of his children or family as a whole.

Preparing to be a good parent implies:

  • Being ready to face great demands at inconvenient hours.
  • Building on your wisdom and patience.
  • Developing a high tolerance level.

Parents are the best examples for their children. They learn from you. Give them love and respect and they will certainly accept you in every way. Discipline follows once you are sensitive to your child’s needs ands wants.