Playground Safety Tips

Any place in this world have the potential to be dangerous to any individual’s life. And children are the most vulnerable set. Children’s safety is always our concern. Injury and death can occur to children at any time. Children can die by falling from the bed or in a bucket.

Many school going children died on the roads after being hit by speeding cars or by falling from the school bus while the bus took off at the moment the child was about to embark upon. Playing happily is a part of growing up. There are no more vacant plots available for children to play as land sharks are bent on raising high rises in potential business areas. So parks are shrinking, footpaths have become unsafe too.

Now how to create playgrounds safe?

  • The equipments that children play with should not have loose parts. If any part has loosened up it should be tightened up as soon as possible.
  • See that your children don’t leave the parks and encroach upon the footpath in search of their playing objects like balls etc.
  • See that children don’t ride cycles on busy roads.
  • If the playground has a concrete floor see that there is no water collected because chances are there that children may trip off.
  • See that parks are fenced properly
  • Do not allow children to use gym instruments without your supervision.
  • See that no overhead wires are touching the trees in the park. And look out for loose electric wires nearby because children often die or are hurt due to shock suffered when in contact with these wires while playing.
  • Children often fight while playing and see that they don’t hit each other with baseball or cricket bats etc.
  • If there are bushes in the park discourage children to play around bushes because there could be snakes or poisonous ants etc. Ordinary ants are enough to cause pain to children.
  • Discourage children to play in isolated areas of the park because there could be strangers around with evil designs.
  • Never allow children to play in places beyond the supervision of responsible adults. Children often try unwanted things once they are sure they would not catch their guardian’s eye.


Once a child brought a knife to play with and cut his own finger.

Another child touched an abandoned bag out of curiosity and which exploded in his hands. Luckily the boy escaped death with his face and hands burnt.)

  • There should be elders present when children are playing on the fields.