Preventing Child Abduction – Safety from Strangers

Children are abducted for various reasons:

  • Some women who do not have a child of their own may abduct children to satisfy their desire of motherhood
  • Some men abduct children to demand a heavy ransom from the parents
  • Some men abduct children to sell them to brothels or places of slavery
  • Then there are sexual predators who abduct children
  • Children may be abducted by one of the parents during divorce

The possibilities of child abduction are not uncommon. Child abduction cases are increasing and almost all parents panic if their children are not heard playing around or are not seen around for several minutes. Immediately mothers are likely to suspect some strangers that they had seen in their locality in the past few weeks

  • Children are abducted mostly from the public places. In a busy place children tend to get lost. There are also child snatchers who take advantage of crowds. In a busy traffic children could be picked up by passing cars and this is not a spontaneous act by the criminal but a pre-meditated activity
  • Tips to prevent child abduction:
  • Do not allow your toddler to run around while you are busy looking for something else in a mall
  • Do not get distracted when you have your child around
  • Do not leave your child unattended at all by any chance
  • Train your children not to eat from strangers as food provided by an abductor may contain sedative drugs and may lull the kid to sleep
  • Don’t allow your children to eat outside, tell them that they can eat when they reach home and this inculcates in your children the habit of eating at home and not from strangers
  • Tell your kids to walk away from the traffic as it makes abductors pick kids easily from roadsides
  • Tell your kids to shout and yell if somebody is trying to pick them up as this would draw attention of the people around also unarms the abductor
  • Show them where they can seek help in times of need
  • Warn your kids of the danger of playing in isolated places
  • See that your kids know the home address, telephone number and parents’ names by heart
  • Don’t make the mistake of posting your children’s name on visible places like bags etc.
  • Discourage them in making friends with strangers. Advise them to run away if some stranger comes near them or asks for some direction or trying to help them.
  • If a car slows down and somebody call them from a car tell them to run in the opposite direction of the approaching car
  • Finally pay heed to your children. Children notice things around and though children may make up stories, still you need to listen to them, because you get to know all that is happening around the child and you can advise or take steps accordingly