Road Safety for Children

Roads are one of the most unsafe places for our children. Always tell your children to cross roads when there are others around. They should not cross the roads alone.

Guide your children

Whenever you have time take your children along with you to teach them regarding road safety.

Watch out for signals

Tell them what the different colors mean at signals. Explain to them which means it is safe to cross and which is not. You can also suggest the school authority to instruct children about road safety. Tell them to walk only on the pavements.

Cross only at the zebra mark

Tell your kids to cross the road only at places where there are zebra marks. Advise them to look on all sides before crossing the road. Tell them not to hurry or run while crossing the roads.

Discourage cycling and walking at accident prone places

Discourage your kids to cycle or walk in places which are accident prone. Ask your children to group together to walk from school or cycling to school. Going to school should be fun and there should be some adult to lead children commute safely to and fro.

Beware of strangers

  • Tell your children not to take lifts from strangers. Advise him to scream for help if somebody is trying to abduct him/her. Tell them not be scared and keep to busy places.
  • Tell your children to walk to school by taking the populated road. Warn them of the dangers of taking short cuts.
  • Ask them never to walk on poorly lit and isolated areas.
  • If your child feels somebody is stalking take care to inform the school authority and ask him/her to be with friends and warn the other kids also.
  • Leave a number in your children’s bag so that they can contact you when in trouble.
  • See that you don’t stick your children’s name with other details on their bags and belongings like bikes etc. which is visible from far.
  • See that your children know their parents’ name, know the home telephone number and home address by heart.
  • Teach them to use a telephone.
  • Tell your children not to eat from strangers or to help strangers in finding places. Tell them that it is not the responsibility of the kids to direct someone in a new place and that it is not right to talk to strangers who ask them for directions.

Don’t play on the roads

Tell your children not to play on the roads or near the roads. Children meet with accidents when they jump on to the roads to collect their playing objects.