Safety Guidelines

Developing children are prone to many dangers so you need to follow a lot of safety guidelines.

Safety tips regarding baby food

  • Check the date of the baby food on the container. Never buy baby food jars having crossed the expiry date
  • Never buy baby food jars with an open lid or a tampered lid or the loosely fit lid or a container with dimples
  • Do not heat baby food in the microwave. Instead heat some water in a container and place the amount of baby food in a small container and place the latter in the hot water. Do not use boiling water to heat baby food. Hot food may scald the throat of the baby
  • Prepare and store food as directed
  • Do not change baby food everyday if your baby is on solids. Wait and observe until a week to see if the baby is allergic to the food or not
  • If your baby is bottle-fed, do not leave the bottle propped inside your baby’s mouth to feed on his/her own

Safety tips regarding baby’s bed

  • Baby’s room should be well ventilated
  • There should be enough light so that it does not cause strain in vision
  • Baby’s room should be dry, clean and uncluttered
  • Do not fill baby’s bed with pillows and duvets and blankets as this might overheat and cause suffocation to the baby
  • See that the baby lies on the back and not on the front as this might cause breathing problem

Safety tips regarding baby’s bathing

  • Do not put baby in a tub if baby’s umbilical cord has not fallen off or if baby has any wounds that have not healed
  • Do not put baby directly in water. Check the temperature of the water with your elbow to see if it is pleasantly warm
  • Do not leave baby wet for long. Soon after bathing wipe your baby dry

Safety tips for skin care

  • Do not apply powder on baby
    Do not use soap on newborns
    Keep your newborns head clean by gently rubbing edible oil
    Apply an ointment with a zinc oxide base on the rashes if your baby has any

Safety tips in lifting a baby

  • To lift a newborn first place your hand under baby’s head and then put your our hand under his/her trunk
  • Do not jerk a newborn
  • To lift a toddler or a developing baby see that you lower your baby comfortably by balancing your body properly on your legs and then gently but firmly hold the baby with both your hands and lift him/her up
  • Hold your baby always close to your body
  • While lifting your baby see that none of your clothing or jewelry is dangling to prevent you from losing your balance or slipping the baby from your hands


  • Do not leave your baby alone and unattended at any point of time
  • Do not smoke near your baby