Sibling Relationships

Sibling relationships are the only relationships which last longer than any other relationships. Strong sibling relationship offers groundwork for strong community participation. It is at home that charity begins.

But sibling relationships can be a conflict-ridden one. You got to teach your kids adjust at home first. Learning to share with siblings is a starting point for your kids to interact peacefully with his/her peers.

Sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a natural feeling. This is the first sign that your sign has entered into competition to achieve things. Sibling rivalry can take bitter shape if not regulated properly. Sibling rivalry starts when one of the kids starts comparing in getting less from the other.

The germ of sibling rivalry lies in parental behavior. Parents may show one of the kids more affection than the other. The other feels deprived and start doing things to draw attention.

If sibling rivalry is managed through competition in academics and sports children progress better. But parents should take care that the children compete in certain areas only while sharing their resources to make each other happy and helping each other in times of each other’s needs.


This is the stage when children are likely to enjoy their own space. They don’t want anyone to intervene in their work. The older sibling might become bossy which the adolescent would find repulsive.

If there is a younger sibling the younger would feel isolated by the adolescent as the latter craves to enjoy his own freedom and space. So parents need to support both the children during their growing phases.

Children are more than carriers of genes. They are human beings and are shaped and reshaped by society at large. So parents have the responsibility in guiding their kids in the latter’s journey to adulthood.

Healthy sibling relations

Healthy sibling relationship should be encouraged so that children become sociable and can live in peace with others. Siblings spend a lot of time growing up together.

Tips to build healthy sibling relationship

  • Do not compare your kids
  • Give the elder kid the responsibility of guiding the younger
  • Encourage the elder to do well in studies and guide him to behave in the appropriate manner. The younger will imitate the older and you will not have to bother much.
  • Do not take sides when your kids fight. Intervene only when they have crossed the limits
  • Encourage the kids to share resources
  • Appreciate both the kids and distribute resources equally
  • Encourage your children to play and have fun together. As they grow up allow them to disagree
  • Encourage them to be fair with each other