Swimming Pool Safety for Children

Water is always a curiosity for toddlers. Without any fear in their minds toddlers crawl towards the pool. The 5-6 year olds often drag the younger into it and other dangers as well. So never leave your children unsupervised. Lot of child death occurs due to children drowning in pools even when parents were at home.

Safety tips in swimming pool:

Fence your pool

Never leave a swimming pool unfenced. The height of the fence should be five feet. See that the doors are always locked. It is best if there are automatic door locking system installed. Do not take your kid to water until your child toilet-trained. Water cleanliness is important for everyone.

Keep pools covered

Cover the pool with a mesh. This is one of the safety tips that you need to use to prevent your crawling toddler from falling in the water.

Keep pool gates locked

Discourage your older kids if they play around the pool. The toddlers often go back to the places where they enjoyed playing.

As toddlers learn unlocking doors through observation so set a safety alarm device to the gate and if your toddler is missing at home look for him/her around the pool first before you go searching him/her here and there.

Pool Survival Techniques

Teach your toddler pool survival techniques once the little one starts crawling and running. Children forget things when they don’t practice it. So after winter take your toddler back to the pool and help him practice the pool survival techniques.

Pool is not a playground

Once you have bathed your toddler in the pool collect everything with your toddler. Toddlers go back in search of their beloved toys in those places where they have frequented.

Once you take your toddler to the pool do not keep him/her unattended. They need your attention. You don’t know in which direction the toddler crawls. So avoid answering phone calls or any distraction.

During family gatherings when you are highly distracted don’t forget to cover the pool after all adults have bathed. Ask all other adults to keep an eye on the kids.
Swimming pool is not a children’s playground. Do not keep any play objects around the pool because that would attract children.

Don’t allow your kids to play with pets near the pool

Pets could be of great help sometimes. But what your child does not know that small pets are as vulnerable as him/her. Discourage your kids from saving pets falling in water.

Rescue tips

Learn swimming and rescuing techniques. Any one above the age of fourteen should be taught swimming and rescuing techniques.