Tips for Confident and Effective Fathering

Raising children is not just a mother’s job, but very often people mistake it to be. Father’s-to-be are always apprehensive about their newborns but it is worth the effort to be close and connected with your little ones because, father’s influence children in a big way. Here are some tips that can help you be a confident and effective father.

Tips To Effective Fathering:

  • Be close to your children right from their birth. This will increase your sense of responsibility and spontaneity towards them. Infact, you will learn to manage crisis situations.
  • Never pass on your responsibilities to your wife because you need to contribute as much as she does in taking care of your kids.
  • Try solving the problems of feeding and cleaning on your own. Don’t take the help of your wife and don’t let her help you with that too.
  • In other words, don’t depend on your spouse to deal with all the difficult situations.
  • Whenever your children insist on allotting jobs for their mother because they like it that way, then resist this and allow yourself to take charge of those duties as well. For example, bedtime stories, etc.
  • Your wife would often need breaks as she is handling the entire household. Act immediately to your kids demands and fill up for your partner. After all, it’s all about living in harmony and sharing responsibilities.
  • Set the limits with your children. It wouldn’t hurt them but will instead teach them how to respect others and their respective boundaries.
  • Do not completely rely on your partner to search for alternatives and solutions to problems related to your kids. Come up with your genuine concerns and suggestions that will help resolve issues as a family.
  • Take active participation in household activities like, cooking or serving meals, gardening or cleaning the house, etc.
  • Develop your parenting skills like, listening, nurturing, playing and limit setting.
  • Try instilling values in your children by spending quality time talking and sharing experiences and opportunities with them.
  • Work on your relationship with your partner and don’t let the pressures of raising your children affect you both in a negative way.

There is everything you can do to make your children capable and successful in life. Be patient and cooperative while dealing with them and your spouse. Experts are of the view that father’s make a better parent, but what is important is that you should be an equally effective and responsible parent. Confidence is not always inherent but it can be developed and inculcated to share the responsibilities of taking care of your little ones.